77th Street Rock 'n Soul Revue

11/03/2017 8 pm

What do you get when you put some old-school musicians together in one room with nothing to lose? 77th Street Rock 'n Soul Revue, that's what! After spending decades together as sidemen in various projects, Matt Sztyber (guitar, vocals) and Dan Lawlor (percussion, vocals) finally decided it was time to start a group of their own. A band that put the music and the performance first, and let everything else fall where it may. One that combined the incredible music they grew up with, and the best of today's music - and played it with the passion it deserved. Joined by John Shaughnessy (bass guitar), and Mike Huffman (organ/keys) it's an experience watching these guys do their thing. Please visit www.facebook.com/77thStreetRevue for more information and upcoming performances

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A night of your favorite music awaits you with 77th Street Rock 'n Soul Revue. Songs you haven't heard in years, are brought to life in front of your eyes and ears. From America to Eric Clapton, Al Green to Jackson Browne, John Mayer to The Band - the music just keep on flowing. Blues, Rock, Soul, Jazz, and more... Before you know it, you are up and dancing! Incredible guitar licks, tight vocal harmonies and a groove that just doesn't quit - that's the charisma and power of 77th Street Revue. Let us transform your night out into something you'll remember for years to come! Please visit www.facebook.com/77thStreetRevue for more information and upcoming performances.

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